The Malta National Aquarium project is spread over approximately 20,000 square meters and will comprise a public aquarium, a public garden at promenade level, a multi storey car park, facilities for local dive schools, catering facilities including a beachclub, a merchandise outlet and a tourist information kiosk.

The public aquarium will have around 26 display tanks with, amongst others, Mediterranean fish, commonly found in Maltese waters together with replicas of historical artefacts that one can find in the seas around us.

The main tank of the aquarium will house species from the Indian Ocean, including two shark species. The main tank will be approximately 12 meters in diameter. Visitors will be able to go through a water tunnel thereby experiencing the fish at a much closer range.

All tanks will be expertly themed to replicate the underwater environment. Additional features of the public aquarium include a class room facility, interpretation, touch pools, a temporary exhibition space, veterinary and quarantine facilities, etc.

The national aquarium will be housed in an underground building located under the promenade level.  However, its entrance facilities are being housed in an iconic curved shell structure in the form of a starfish.

The garden will provide additional recreation facilities for pedestrians who use the popular Qawra promenade. The car park will have a capacity of over 140 cars.

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